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[Pudong Times]Ruohang Suzhou Heliport started turning to a profit in 2 months
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Ruohang Suzhou Heliport opened in September 10 this year,which has 4 Robinson R44 helicopter.

From October 1,Ruohang and Gusu Travel Agency launched a project named “Watching Suzhou from above”. In one month,over 800 people from Suzhou and surrounding cities as Shanghai and Wuxi came and joint. Besides, the heliport organized two field activities in Shanghai and Changshu. During these activities, the real estate developers organized home buyers to watch their houses from above in the helicopter. 

“I am satisfied that Suzhou Heliport started turning to a profit in after opening in two months, which is better than expect ”, Mr. Yong Lv, chairman of Ruohang Group said. He told the reporters that the government’s good policies helped a lot with the private capital investment. At present, Ruohang Group is building 3 new heliports in Jianhu, Shaoxing, Taipinghu, Huangshan and Dali, Yunnan.