Visit of Officials
A group led by Huaiyu Jiang, the Director General of The Civil Aviation Administ
DATE:2014-12    HITS:

On June 26th, 2014, Huanyu Jiang, the Director General of The CAAC East China and Shaobo Xi, the Associate Director of The CAAC East China, accompanied by Zhenyu, Zhang, the director of The CAAC Jiangsu Province and Chengan Yu, the Board Chairman of Lvkou International Airport, visited heliport located in Nanjing Laoshan Mountain. Yong Lv, the Chairman of Ruohang Airline and several senior vice presidents including Jin Lv, Chang Wang, Xiaobei Wu were present for this event and Yong Lv briefed those leaders about Ruohang Airline.

Nanjing Ruohang heliport in Laoshan Mountain, the first privately founded and operated heliport open to public, began its business on Jan. 8th, 2009. It was approved by the Nanjing Municipal Government to be re-planned and expanded into Nanjing Ruohang General Aviation Industry Headquarter in the early July, 2014. After its expansion and reconstruction is completed in the early 2015, the heliport will accommodate about 200 helicopters.